Unwrap These 4 Protein Packed Seasonal Snacks

This time of the year may easily be the most wonderful but by far its also the most challenging. In a month packed with holidays, office parties, and vacation time its tough for anyone whose counting calories while trying to keep off that excess holiday weight. It seems that every tasty treat is designed to annihilate your macros and destroy your diet. Im here to save you some stress and give you my top 4 protein packed treats to help you make it through the holidays.

1. Marshmallow Fruity Pebble Cheesecake Stuffed Protein Pancakes

Wake yourself up with a short stack of these mouth watering pancakes. An ideal way to start your day and with a scoop of vanilla protein and marshmallow fruity pebbles, your going to have have all the motivation in the world to take on the day. (@theflexibledietinglifestyle)

2. Protein Birthday Waffle Sandwich

This is the perfect snow day dessert! This beautiful waffle sandwich is packed with 17 grams of protein and only 1 gram of fat giving you the option to eat to your hearts desire. Im sure after you have one bite you this will be your favorite pre workout meal. (@kylas.fitfood.life)

3. Chocolate Raspberry Chia Parfait

Looking for something on the lighter side? Then This Chocolate Raspberry Chia Parfait is perfect for you! This is a great alternative to those sugary winter drinks such as hot chocolate and egg nog, while satisfying that sweet tooth and keeping those calories to a minimum. (@mypcoskitchen)

4. Protein Pumpkin Pie

Thanksgiving is over but this amazing Pumpkin Pie can still be enjoyed! Be a hit at your next dinner party with this delicious dessert. A slice of this diet friendly pie has 16 grams of protein and remarkably only 4 grams of fat, so indulge in this delight year round. (@macro_marciano)

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Noble Ajakaiye is the Founder and CEO of Paradise Performance. His goal is to provide readers with the most relevant fitness content available.

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