5 Youtube Influencers That Will Get You Inspired & Motivated AF

In a time and age where social media influencers are at an all time high when you're looking for motivation its really easy to get lost in an over saturated market. Even with over a Billion active Youtubers there are still a select few individuals who are not only successful, but also highly informative, and completely badass that you need to begin watching as soon as possible. Whether you’re an aspiring fitness influencer, someone whose dreaming on starting their own clothing line, or simply just an individual looking to make a lifestyle change; check out these amazing fitness influencers that might inspire you to change your life.


Christian Guzman: @christianguzmanfitness

As a young college freshman an 18 year old Christian Guzman started Youtube by posting videos in his dorm room on fitness tips and instructions for anyone who stumbled across his channel. Fast forward 7 years later Christian is the owner a thriving fitness empire and he’s an influencer who has truly done it all. From humble beginnings as an early Gymshark athlete, to Gym owner, and Alphalete Athletics founder & CEO this is really someone that you must subscribe to.



CT Fletcher: @c.t.ali.fletcher

A six time World Champion turned motivational speaker, CT Fletcher is a successful entrepreneur who got his break on social media by inspiring millions of people to take risk, lift heavy weights, and to become the best version of themselves. Throughout his life CT Fletcher has never had it easy but has been able to make the most of his situations and come out on top in his awe inspiring story. If your ever need a little extra motivation just search “I command you to grow!” in Youtube. This video has nearly 10 million views and you will be more than thankful you did.



Nikki Blackketter: @nikkiblackketter

As one of the earliest female fitness Youtubers Nikki took the internet by storm. With her unique personality and amazing figure she quickly rose through the Youtube ranks. With early beginnings as a vlogger and Gymshark Athlete this mega influencer is at the top of the fitness game. Through her awesome content she post on her videos she inspires many of her fans with her workout tips, makeup tutorials, and lifestyle vlogs. As an influencer whose ceiling is nearly nonexistent follow Nikki on her journey to the top and prepare to be inspired.



Steve Cook: @stevecook

As a pro physique competitor, Fitness Culture CEO, and Gym Shark Athlete Fitness Superstar Steve Cook is truly an inspiration. Early on Steve Cook started with a vision to become one of the best athletes of all time and today this vision has ultimately grown beyond his wildest dreams. As an OG in the fitness game much Steve’s journey has been documented on Youtube and with these videos you get the opportunity to see just how much he loves the grind. From collaborating with many of the top brands and having numerous opportunities to travel the world Steve Cooks influence has reached all corners of the globe. Phil’s knowledge on life, love, and fitness is second to none and is someone everyone needs to watch.



Megan Gallagher: @megsquats

Strong Strong Friend and badass powerlifter, Megan Gallagher better known as Megsquats is hands down one of the most motivational influencers not only on Youtube but across all forms of social media. This past year she became the winner of Bodybuilding.com’s 2018 Spokesmodel Search in which she beat out thousands of possible prospects to win this distinguishable award. What amazes me about Meg is that she uses her platform and opportunities to inspire others who are experiencing social issues, and personal struggles by constantly engaging with her fans and followers where she would give them hope and knowledge to overcome whatever they may be going through. She is not only a great motivator but also a great person that comes highly recommended.


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